Montaudon Rosé NV (x6)


Sold by case: (R630,00 X 6)

This champagne is made from wines of the same year. Grapes were picked up from the same lots as well as the same areas, so as to keep our specific Champagne rosé style.

The mastering and our house vinification process takes place in vats of 100Hl from a specific lot in Les Riceys. It is this red wine that produces the brilliant rosé typical of the Montaudon family.



50% Chardonnay
35% Pinot Noir
15% Pinot Noir (red)

Sensory Notes

This rosé is dense – a delicate pink with slightly coppered hints. The hue is brilliant. Bubbles are abundant and produce an amazingly persistent and long-lasting finish.


On the nose, it is reminiscent of a jars of candy from childhood. The fruity aromas that escape include currant, strawberry and raspberry.


The finish of this rosé is characteristically feminine. It’s quite simply dazzling with its wealth of aromas and delicious long and powerful finish.

Food Pairing

Grande Rosé goes particularly well with those desserts which have a red fruit base: a red fruit salad or a charlotte aux fraises. It also goes well with a gratin de fruits rouges.