Jacquart Rosé NV (x6)


Sold by case: (R760,00 X 6)

From mosaics to camaïeu…Adding red wine to the blend of our rosé opens up a whole new palette of colours and flavours.

A cuvée to please champagne lovers and lovers of life.


The Facts

Our “Brut Mosaïque in pink”, this cuvée has all the hallmark Chardonnay finesse (35%- 40%), rounded out by the ripeness of the Pinot Meunier (25%-30%) and the structure
of the Pinot Noir, of which 15%-18% is vinified as red wine. The addition of Pinot Noir red wine to the blend (15% to 18%) and a light dosage (10g /l) result in a very complete, balanced champagne.

The Look

Delicate bubbles wrapped in intense salmon pink.

The Nose

Red berry-fruit aromas (ripe redcurrants, cherries, wild strawberries) give way to notes of plum.

The Taste

Whenever life calls for colour. With afternoon tea…at a private view…to celebrate a proposal… or toast a new arrival. Excellent with finely spiced or sweet and sour dishes.

Enjoy With

“My perfect summer match would be with a red fruit soup spiced with green cardamom and in winter, a clementine shortcake with star anise and confit citrus zest.” Stéphane Duchiron, Winner of the Champagne JACQUART Rising Stars Trophy 2007 (Paris Region), Restaurant “LES FOU GERES” Paris 17ème, France.